Wojcieh MT

I’m Wojcieh Mt, in my ID they put Wojciech Mietelski. I was born in Poland, and I have lived in a big city for 22 years now. I study Digital Technologies, I was a barista and a bartender, right now I’m doing an internship as a Video-Graphic Designer. I take photos of people, body parts, architecture, in my works you can find some cold colours, contrasts and leading lines. I’m fascinated by human presence on the world, mostly in the city environment.


I do not think I've ever planned any frames. Pictures come out by themselves, I see and photograph, the idea is done for a moment when the moment comes before my eyes. Ninety per cent of my content is mobile photography; I use what I always have in my pocket. Recently, less often, but I happen to record short videos, from documentaries to various art forms. I light dozens of analogue films; I touch the digit only sporadically. I never wanted to complicate my life. I prefer simple solutions to every problem; I always have to know everything. My favourite activity is sitting on crowded streets such as espresso and watching passers-by.


Instagram: @woj-cieh