Flaminia Bonciani

My name is Flaminia Bonciani, I was born in Rome but we moved to the United States with my family when I was a teenager. Although my family wanted me to take business studies,
I always painted and I was always bringing home prizes for my works.



My creative mind found its first expression in painting,
then move to photography with the same passion and strive.
I photograph with film, for its deeper and faded final result, although I often also use digital. In my photographic works, I am always looking for a pictorial effect, trying to throw the spectator into some kind of moody, nostalgic and often sensual world, where he can lose himself and find a higher reason in pleasure. 


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These photos are part of a project called “a pleasure trip”, where each photo is accompanied by a text. The words tell a passionate story that adds significant details to this journey through the senses.