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Here you can see all of our favourite artists from all over the world. Together we are making big projects, collaborative exhibitions, magazines features and zines. If you want to join our amazing community, check out our Instagram page, tag us @missnothingmag or send us an email.



I photograph with film, for its deeper and faded final result, although I often also use digital.

kaja pałasz

You can usually meet me running from one photographer to another trying to develop my films.

cecilia Colombara

I feel a profound love for visual arts, cinema came into my life and stayed forever.

Adam Woźniakiewicz

My dream for now, is to Tour around the World with some top music artists creating documentary films for them. Watch out, thats gonna happen. Just give me a minute. 

Kinga Majewska

My definition of happiness is the ability to overcome my imagination. And this one has no end.

Wojcieh MT

I’m fascinated by human presence on the world, mostly in the city environment.

mikołaj milewicz

I combine my two life passions, that is skateboard and photography and I am currently working on an album dedicated to skateboard photography.

Yentl Bruyninckx

At this moment, a big part of my work has to do with alienation and living in the present moment. 

Martyna Rychlińska

For some, the most important in photography is light - for me, natural beauty and real emotions.