A Blue State of Mind by Hannah Boulting

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Over the past three years in London since 2016, I began a project on protests and parades that showcase the streets of London with a more politicised energy than I have ever experienced.

The uncertainty around the future of the UK, especially for young people has only grown more disconcerting as more information is revealed about the reality of our situation. Brexit is another obstacle which we are now forced to navigate for ourselves, and as a result, art, fashion and creativity has given many a voice.. 

As one of the examples, the popularity of the ultramarine ‘EUnify’ hoodie with its missing star iconography is evidence that fashion remains political. The intersection of fashion and politics is more prominent in the fashion industry than ever.

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“I shot these portraits of my friend.
Ed wears the EUnify hoodie to make a statement of activism in the only futile way he can, after being too young to vote on the E.U referendum in 2016.”

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The popularity of such items, not only gives the voice to those who have been denied one, but it also shows the evidence that politics is culture. Political merchandising, graphic designs, various photographic projects containing the E.U stars and the unique EU blue colour are agents of change. Their popularity is still growing as the result of social media platforms. Even though one's can feel overwhelmed with the mess around Brexit, it reignites a contemporary youth-led narrative of protest.

photographs and text by Hannah Boulti @hannah.boulting

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